FELONI ON New 2021 Music, Dababy Deleting Homophobic “Call-to-Action” Apology, The Hypocrisy of Black Homophobia, Exploitation of Feminine Energy, The Parallels between Racists and Black Homophobic Men, and What if Churches that Inspire Hate Against the LGBTQ+ Community Could Lose Tax Break, and More …

Olya Kobruseva

“If you are not fighting for the Equality of all Humans, you are fighting for Privilege.

What Happened to your Social Media Profiles, FELONI?

Sometimes, I write very long blogs. Feel free to scroll down to the section that interests you most. January 2021, I deleted my social media sites. My advice to those who wish to contact me is to contact me via my official website only at  www.TrakDiamondRecord.com   Links to my music streaming profiles are on my website, like Reverbnation, for example.  If you receive an email from me, chances are, it wasn’t sent by me, as I do not solicit people, nor do I use email lists anymore. Next to text messages, emails pose the highest levels of security risks exposing your private info. If you don’t know about Pegasus Spyware, I strongly suggest you research it asap, as it’s in the streets now, and unsuspecting criminals are abusing it to sabotage your reputation, steal your identity, and to rob you. I know, because it’s happening to me. I am a victim of identity theft with the help of Pegasus Spyware. These crooks even stole my 2020 Federal Tax return! Stay tuned for my next blog on this subject.


Quick Announcement: on July 2021, I released several new singles including “Real Man,”   “I Like feat D$Ki,” and, for the first time ever, the UK “I Can’t Stop Electro Remix of which, in 2007, was sponsored by Sony. My song, “I Can’t Stop,” originally produced by Symphony who also produced Ice Cube’s hit single, “Here he Come,” was selected by Sony Connect to host one of their AcidPlanet Remix Contests in which I was required to select a winner.  I will also release the Drum-n-Bass version I selected as the runner-up soon, too. The new releases are currently available on iTunes, Apple Music and some streamers. My 2021 New Music will not be available on Spotify (at least no time soon). Be sure to visit my website to read stories behind the music, download free tracks, and to check out the photos I posted with commentary.


After Dababy begins his tour of fake apologies, of which most were probably prepared by his PR team, everyone is going to believe he it did for the money, and not for the Human Rights of “all” people.  A grown man made those comments.  There it is.  Many people can forgive, but some will be damned if they’re going to spend cash on him. Of course, some people will still support him. However, venues that host Dababy may be met by protestors, at least while it’s still fresh in their minds.  Many feel that the only people jumping on Dababy’s bus in the industry defending his actions right now are those who think they can profit from him in some way in light of this controversy. 

First, I’d like to ask, where is Jay-Z and 50 Cent on Dababy’s comments?  Why have they been silent?  Did I miss it?  In the song, “Smile,” Jay-Z exposed his mother’s lesbianism.  50 Cent also exposed his mother’s bi-sexuality in the song, “Hate it or Love.”  Both women raised—as single parents—and nurtured two Hip Hop icons. I think they should have said something out of respect to their parents to inspire youth, and youths with LGBTQ+ parents, especially the positive young black males out there walking around trying to maintain their sanity in the midst of so much hate, judgment and misunderstanding.  It would be helpful if Jay-Z and 50 Cent reminded other rappers that spreading ignorance, including indirectly inspiring hate and discrimination against anyone is not a positive move to get your personal feelings across, nor is it a positive way to give back to those who have supported them. If other celebrities have a parent in the LGBTQ+ community, it would be cool if they spoke up as well.  Then again, I wasn’t going to address Dababy’s ambition for economic gain at the expense of degrading women and the LGBTQ+ community, either, as this has been going on in Hip Hop for a long time. In fact, I addressed some of these concerns and misogyny (using Hip Hop’s language) back in 2007 with my debut album, “A Woman’s Revenge,”  When my then “controversial” debut single, “Brand New,” from the album came out, it was first featured on “Russell Simmons & WJLB FM98, 2005 Hip Hop Summit Mixtape: Vol. 1” and, at that time, the radio station only allowed 16 bars of the track to make the cd, citing it was too “controversial.” Nevertheless, those 16 bars helped spark an entire movement of “out” artists. In fact, the song is a pivotal classic of the first kind in Hip Hop because it was written from a “lesbian’s” perspective. In 2005, and prior to that, there were no other songs out like it. Withal, magazines, like XXL, for example, and others ignored the album because I didn’t, and still do not have “PR” representation in Hollywood (by choice), although I was featured on Viacom’s LogoTV on the reality documentary-series, “Coming Out Stories,” which aired for seven years on “National Out Day.” The show was produced by the Emmy and Oscar Award-winning film producers, Karen Goodman and Kirk Simon (R.I.P.) of Simon & Goodman Film in New York. I had a great time with them. When I visited New York to do some work, Kirk and I walked around a bit before joining Karen for brunch at a local restaurant. Kirk took me to the exact spot where John Lennon was murdered, and we walked over to the Strawberry Fields garden (in Central Park) Yoko Ono created in the memory of John. He also took photos of me there to keep.

“Indie” vs. “Industry-Indies”

There are some “industry-indies” who falsely claim they are indie, yet have distribution and marketing deals with one of the major label’s subsidiaries, like Red Distribution for example, which is owned Sony.  The Orchard, is now also owned by Sony. In fact, The Orchard was distributing my music at the beginning of my indie plight, but they were not owned by Sony when I was with them. I decided I wanted to leave because there were other things I wanted to do. Other than that, I was allowed to keep 100% ownership of my masters. XXL does not have good investigative writers, in my opinion. Hip Hop heads know how my music fit into Hip Hop’s history. No offense, but you can’t claim to be a magazine that represents Hip Hop culture, yet not tell the truth about its “full” history (not mattering if someone has a record deal, or not). I’m not bitter, as being indie has afforded me much inside information from wearing all hats of the process. I also don’t like the news that “Salt n Pepa” recently excluded DJ Spinderella from the group after many years of inclusion. When I performed at the 2007 Los Angelas Black Pride, Hip Hop Icon DJ Spinderella was right there on stage with me on the ones-n-twos, spinning my record supporting me, as she has always shown support of the LGBTQ+ community. When I don’t she the “female” DJ who performed with them for many years, I don’t see “Salt n Pepa,” but that’s another story. I like being real with no packaging, which is what most people get caught up in. I would never want to be that artist on a website that report artist’s weekly sales, stating the artist sold 5000 physical copies and 360,000 streams in the first week, yet their social media profile says artist has 34 million followers; something did not translate there … something’s not real about those stats. It’s all about creating an illusion, and apparently, we live in a world where everyone enjoys being deceived. Nevertheless, the response I received from the industry at the time I released my debut album was that people were not ready to hear it.  Well, they’re hearing it now thanks to other “out” artists like Lil’ Nas X, Frank Ocean, Starrah and others.

Dababy Assaults a Black Woman in a Club, in Passing

“The footage of Dababy hitting a Black woman in the Face in a club instantly reminded me of Tupac’s verse, ‘…We gone have a race of Babies that will hate the ladies ….”

Link: Dababy Assaulting a Black Woman at a Club:  (footage begins at 8:38 mins).  Dababy hits a Black Woman in the Face in a club, and keeps walking like it was nothing.  The footage instantly reminded me of the Tupac verse: “…We gone have a race of Babies that will hate the ladies ….”  Women, please stop supporting men who don’t know you’re worth, as you are enabling these negative men to continue their disrespectful behavior towards you and others. Dababy also shot and killed a young black man in a Walmart allegedly because it was an “attempted robbery.” The slim black male was allegedly shot in the back side, which means he was either trying to walk, or run away. I’m not going to get into what the Dababy did to Megan Thee Stallion by allowing her ex-boyfriend to perform as a “special guest” after her set, breaking the restraining order “distance” rules. It was blatant disrespect to victims of domestic violence, and an attempt to intimidate Megan.

I’m sure, by now, most of you are aware that at the start of Dababy’s recent concert at Rolling Loud, he made some misinformed comments about HIV (I guess he didn’t care that he also dissed Magic Johnson and his child), and he made a detailed, explicit homophobic comment regarding what he personally knows about what gay men do in parking lots.  It has been confirmed by my “straight” female friend that Dababy made no mention of what some BHM allegedly do in parking lots with prostitutes and drug addicts, which contributes to the spread of all kinds of diseases and STDS i.e. if they’re dishonest with other women in their lives about their sexual exploits (we all know that condoms can rip).  Dababy also alluded to liking women with nookie’s (a street term for the word “vagina”) that smell like “water.”  My friend also confirmed that there were no reports of him asking lights to go up for men who don’t have “MBS” (Musty Balls Syndrome). A condition named by the “street.” You know, street medical terms? That’s what she said.  Also, based on reports, there was no mention of Dababy suggesting to women that the FIRST step they should take to have “water” scented nookies is to cease sleeping with promiscuous men, especially the ones who don’t wear condoms.  Ask any OB-GYN, and he/she will confirm that many vaginal infections women have are contracted from having sex with uncleanly men (and from having unprotected sex) who sleep around. It’s not always the women sleeping around, fellows. Nonetheless, after the backlash, in a Kevin Hart move, he offered an insincere apology, and of course, that didn’t go well either.  In his apology, Dababy basically stated he has “gay” fans, and he was not attacking them.  Instead, he was applauding them for not being like the homosexuals he called out, although you can hear his hype-man in the background clearly saying, “Yeah, some of y’all nigg-s lookin’ real suspect” as Dababy continued with his homophobic “call-to-action.”  Yes.  He said it was a “Call-to-Action,” not a “Homophobic Rant.” 

On August 9, 2021, articles began surfing stating Dababy deleted one of his apologies to the LGBTQ+ community from his Instagram page.  Not clear if it were his decision, or his label’s PR team.  One fact is clear, Dababy was making a lot of money for his label (Interscope Records). But of course, labels will fight to help correct artist’s mistakes, as they invest a lot of money in them to just shut them out; the label want to recoup. More than likely, with Dabay’s growing popularity, I may have already met that obligation.  Either way, it’s not a good look on “Equality” and ‘Human Rights” for all people. Seems everyone wants their cake and to—wait!  That cake must be stale by now?   If deleting his apology post was Dababy’s take on everything, I respect that because he’s trying to let you know who he truly is, and that he’s going to stand by what he believes (not mattering if anyone agrees, or not).  There are too many down-low haters (people who pretend to like you) out here in all kinds of organizations pretending to be pro-all types of causes, and they’re just not.  It’s okay to take a position, but it’s not okay to spread misinformation about groups of people because you don’t like them, especially on public platforms.  I’m sure Dababy gets that now, but probably because he lost money.  Don’t mistake it, Dababy will still pull supporters for what he believes in (they do exist, if you haven’t already noticed), just as the KKK, White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis groups and others who have their opinions about the Jewish, Black folk and others (see the section below on “The Parallels between Racists and Black Homophobic Men”). It’s also nothing new that even some Black folk have a history of exploiting each other via drugs, “Big-pimpin’” women (especially black women), jealous sabotaging etc.

Usually, this subject falls on closed ears.  It’s important that people speak up now because, currently, there exists a published and unpublished movement of HBM gathering to comfort each other, understandably, in their feelings of worthlessness in this society by targeting women and LGBTQ+ community. It’s important to say that I am only referring to the Black Homophobic Men (BHM) who engage in the activities I speak about in this blog, for some of them truly do try to keep away from all things “Gay” (including the conversation) whenever possible. Personally, if I were not interested in the lifestyle of gay folk, they would be the last group of people on my mind, especially if I were a multi-millionaire with multiple options of women to date.  Nevertheless, it’s crystal clear that some BHM, alone, are causing the empathy of some supporter of their “struggle” to drain (not referring to the murder of innocent black men), as some of them have made the conscious decision to take the wrong, and extremely dangerous path of hate to deal with their inner insecurities via hate, discrimination, harassment, misinformation, and even murder.  My suggested remedy for BHM is this:

Find a quiet space to meditate at least 10 minutes per day (if you can’t find that quiet space, buy industrial strength earplugs) so that you may connect with source energy to begin to learn your truth inner worth.  Once learned, you will know and understand the real meaning behind, “No weapon against me shall prosper.”  You will magically discover that there is no longer a base need for you to use hate against others to express your pain.  When you know your true inner worth, all external attacks on who you are will begin rolling off, like water down a slide.  Until then, you will remain your own worst enemy.

I feel sorry for Dababy’s LGBTQ fans, and the in-the-closet, fans who were at his concert. Some rappers are in-the-closet, and it inspires folk with “gaydar” to attend their concerts, too. That was a joke. Seriously, LGBTQ+ community have been supporting Hip Hop with anti-gay and misogynistic lyrics for far too long. In fact, even Chris Rock joked about women dancing to misogynistic Hip Hop lyrics in one of his comedy shows. Some women are just twerking and flapping all around the dance floor saying, “He ain’t talking’ about me!” Chris, said. Tragically hilarious. Some members of the LGBTQ+ community (and others offended by Dababy’s comments) were forced to stand there in awe at his comments as he slayed them after taking their money, with a smile … poor things—except the one fan who threw a sneaker at him, and Dababy asked, “Who threw that Adida?”  Not “Adidas,” but “Adida.”  One Adida, two Adidas?  It was funny because that’s what sudden fear does when it pulls up on you.  The reflex thought of hundreds of offended gay men from your audience rushing the stage can cause an instant speech impediment for anyone, I’m sure.  As a result of his ignorant and careless actions, the industry has made him bow down anyway (a metaphor for submission i.e. going against what you truly believe) via public apologies—it doesn’t matter if his apologies were sincere, or not.  If he wants to continue “gettin’ money,” he will “bend” (another street term used in Hip Hop to express doing something against your personal belief), which is some rapper’s greatest fear in the music industry.  In other words, now Dababy is being “Called-to-Action” to either “sell his Soul” by going on a “HIV & LGBTQ Apology Tour,” (as many are calling it),” or by remaining silent (at least publicly) and walking away from the music industry, at least as he once knew it.  Of course, he’ll still have fans willing to support his shows, but the shows will be sans major endorsement money.  What does Dababy believe in more?  “Gettin’ money,” as it’s said in Hip Hop, or in his personal principles?  Either way, the choice he makes will define him as “real,” or “fake.”  Listen, there are all kind of ways for one to sell his/her Soul; it’s not just in the entertainment world.  

This is where I believe Dababy’s performance cancellations received fuel: In the last several days, Dababy released a sexually explicit music video called, “Giving What it’s Supposed to Give” (allegedly an expression used in the LGBTQ community). Supposedly, it was an apology music video, yet it was filled with explicit misogyny that also called out white women (in some people’s opinion), labelled as “black-men-thirsty.”  I’m not going to share the sexually explicit acts he engaged in with white women (including an elderly white woman), but it was disrespectful, and am sure Feminists didn’t feel it either—and for the record, not all “Feminists” are lesbians. 

Listen, “Freedom of Speech” is not to be used as a weapon to encourage hate and spread misinformation, especially on the public, or the internet’s platform.  Lil’ Nas X does not use “Freedom of Speech” for that.  Part of what he does is show you how many men view and treat women, especially in Hip Hop, not to mention that he has fun taunting supposedly, straight men who are watching his videos.  I’m sure Lil’ Nas X, like many other people, are wondering why some BHM have seen so many of his videos to have enough information to form an opinion—those videos are not on regular TV.  In fact, you have to take out time to perform the physical act of typing in Lil’ Nas X’s name before his controversial music videos will appear on your cellphone, or computer screen.  Lil’ Nas X is beyond popular, everyone knows that his music videos almost always contain shock value.  With that in mind, if you don’t want anything to do with gays, why even go there to begin with?  Don’t say because “’Gay’ people know how to party,” either (that was a joke).  For minors, it’s the parent’s responsibility to use as many of their internet safety features as possible (although, these days, everything pops up on your computer without you trying to search for it).  I believe some cable companies will allow you to filter out certain terms and websites.  If I had a son or daughter, I wouldn’t want them being lured by “porn videos” that can randomly pop up on a child’s computer.  It’s all a form of adult entertainment that you must monitor to help keep these lil’ busy-body children from until they are of legal age to make their own adult choices. I know, we can’t control everything, but it’s the effort the count most.


I wonder if Dababy has ever thought that his actions could inspire racists to begin making blatant public hate-speeches, too, but against black men (not that they want or need any inspiration from a black man)?  Black men are already viewed as the animal of the day, every day, to prey upon by many racists when it comes to the hunt. This leads me to believe that some black men (and women), have completely, morally collapsed in the guise of worthlessness, and in fear of racists, to the point that they are fully prepared to try and step on—and over—women and LGBTQ+ community in their pursuit to have the same “equality” and “privilege” as white men?  Do some BHM really believe that it’s okay to protest the murder of George Floyd, and many other black men who were murdered, because of the “difference” in their skin color, while concurrently expressing hate and aggression towards the LGBTQ+ community because of their “differences,” although they, too, are human and bleed red blood?  When will basic “Logic 101” kick in on this type of thinking? And don’t give me that “It’s in the Bible” rhetoric, for too many hate groups also use quotes from the Bible to justify hate, slavery and discrimination and more of which Black folk are still feeling the pressure from today.  In my opinion, this type of selfish and grossly flawed thinking is representative of a deep psychology malady, in some Black folk, resulting from years of oppression.  The question is, why have some heterosexual Black folk remained judgement free against gays (or don’t intentionally go out offending them), while others have not?  Here are some comments I took from the comment’s section from the YouTube video by Funky Dineva a gay man addressing the backlash of DaBaby’s Homophobic “Call-to-Action.” 

“Many straight black men never miss an opportunity to live up to their negative stereotypes.”

“If you don’t want equality for all, then it is not equality you are looking for, it’s privilege.  What an amazingly accurate and truthful phrase.”

My thing is this, if you are comfortable in your sexuality you would not be worrying about what gay people are doing. And last time I checked gay people aren’t the only one who get HIV and AIDS.”

“This video was perfect Que. Many many Black women have chosen to put our capes down for men that don’t see our value in any way. I suggest that others follow suit. My heart goes out to anyone who was offended by Dababy’s statements. I’m not a part of the LGBTQ+ or HIV/AIDS community but his comments really really upset me. I’m so sorry!”

“Yeah, y’all not the only ones. Black women are tired of protecting them based off race; they have no loyalty to us.””…Damn! Black men don’t care about anyone in the black community, and just want to be equal and have the power of the white man.”

“This is horrible.  I pray God protects anyone who may have heard what he said.  I rebuke the enemy, and I pray GOD continues to carry and heal any and everyone that may have been affected by this. I speak life over them, and love, and joy ,and peace.  I also pray God straightens up the Da Baby’s heart posture and make him whole. I rebuke those ugly words of death on innocent people, and I pray each and every one of you gay, straight, or other knows that GOD’s love is unconditional, and no one is excluded….”

Based on “society’s standards,” and probably Dababy’s own standards, he was at the top of his game.  Many women are attracted to him, he has some wealth and material possessions, he was in demand and traveling the world, etc.  Now, here’s where the anomaly of it all comes in.  With all Dababy had going for himself, why on earth would explicit, sexual activities of “gay” men be on his mind to the point where he takes personal time out of his “masculine” Hip Hop show, in front of thousands of people, to address his aversion to the LGBTQ+ lifestyle?  Clearly, this is not to say that Dababy is “in-the-closet.”  What I’m saying here is that something we are not privy to happened to him prior to the beginning of his show (and not necessarily on that day); it does not necessarily mean that he had a homophobic experience.  Perhaps other homophobic men have been in his ear pushing an anti-LGBTQ+ agenda because so many rappers are rumored to be gay or bi-sexual, perhaps he was afraid of having that stigma placed on him.  Or perhaps he did have an uncomfortable homosexual experience of some kind that was weighing heavily on his conscious to the point where his reaction was emotional aggression towards what he fears most.  While some LGBTQ+ people would probably understand the “homosexual experience” probability more, there is also a very strong possibility that he simply does not like “gay” people, and his ego said, let’s do this!  However, that latter went out the door when he tried to explain his actions which resulted in him sinking himself deeper into that old sunken place.  DaBaby, just as everyone else, is responsible for creating his own karma.  However, if I had the opportunity to ask him a question regarding the matter, I would ask him what does he think George Floyd would say (if he returned for a brief interview about life) about his actions regarding hating on someone who is “different.” I would ask him what karmic good has hate ever brought to the Black community, or to anyone for that matter?

Unfortunately, what ever Dababy’s intentions were, they blew up in his face, as now people believe it was a Freudian slip suggesting that perhaps he may have had a homosexual experience.  It does not matter if it’s true or not, for many people believe there is a thin line between love and hate.  Let the conscious hear: when your intentions are out of alignment with the Universe, the Universe will eventually catch up with you, and teach you a lesson/s.  That’s where Saturn, Rahu and Ketu comes in in Vedic Astrology.  Celebrities are not “Stars.”  That’s just a cool adjective for popular people.  Stop making them out to be Saints.  Listen, your money can empower people with ill intent, and it can empower people with good intent. What are they saying in their lyrics? It’s it all about the type of consciousness you’re trying to shed?  When it comes to major record labels, it’s always a gamble because you have so many hands behind artists helping to develop their image to optimize sales.  As a result, you don’t know which part of their character is real, and which part was created for promo only.  Nevertheless, thanks to DaBaby, the public consensus being developed right now is that some BHM have homosexual tendencies.  To this day, I believe that some BHM who watch porn are either bi-sexual, or latent homosexuals. Why watch that when there is always one man’s body part, center stage?   Listen, we all know that the person who is constantly accusing you of doing something wrong is usually the one doing the wrong because they have that same bone hidden in their own closet … probably hidden under that “Adida.”  Nevertheless, the big picture here is that he has opened a massive discourse exposing the hypocrisy of some BHM promoting a double standard in their role in the pursuit of “equality” and “human rights.” 


Do black churches play a role in black homophobic hypocrisy?  I believe it does.  These days, people continue to use the “Bible” to justify hate, slavery, judgement and discrimination against others.  An example from the past: many women (and some men) were ordered to be burned on stakes by King James based on him feeling convinced that they were “witches.”  Well, if they were witches, why didn’t they have the power to save themselves from being burned on the stake?  Like, did not someone in the crowd watching the burning protest by saying something like, “Wait!  Something’s wrong here. She’s screaming!  Witches don’t feel pain, right?”  It’s absurd.  Here’s the deal, what if the government decided to step in on all this nonsense (too some people) and began taking away those free tax breaks from churches whose preachers directly and indirectly inspire hate, discrimination, and misinformation against LGBTQ+ people  Yes.  Hate-preaching happens.  I heard it in churches when I was a youth, many times.  In fact, it lead me to think women were more justified being lesbians because men abuse them so much.  Of course, that’s not what the church wanted me to believe either.  So I began exploring different religions to seeking the truth. Today, I Am Cosmic, and believe, in essence, I Am cosmic Energy, which is genderless. After I left those churches behind, my perspective changed to understand that every one has the freedom to love, as long as it’s with another consenting adult.  The more you try to control someone, the more they’ll strive to be freed from you while flaunting whatever it is you dislike about them in your face with growing fervor.   Honestly, people, what I’m saying here is … if we allow people to spread their phobias of other people, and to spread misinformation, all kinds of supremacist groups will began taking center stage to do the same, and it may be against something that you represent, next time.    

I think, for Dababy, perhaps it’s all just his first course on Music Business Economics: “How to Avoid Losing Income in the Music Industry.”  What’s funny and contradicting is that there is a video of Dababy preparing for a video shoot, and the woman is putting make up on his face. If you feel you are being “emasculated,” then why allow makeup to be spread on your face before the world?  Everyone knows some men have razor bumps!  Be natural.  I mean you want “water” flavored nookie, right?  Don’t contradict yourself.  Dababy also wears a lot of luxury brands who just happen to employ tons of LGBTQ+ designers.  So why spend your money on those brands, empowering Gays if you have such an aversion to them?  It’s kosher to blast LGBTQ+ people while wearing the cloths they design?


“When your mind becomes a market place, there will be no consciousness.”  A quote by Sadhguru.  It’s true that many people have, or are becoming a market place by always trying to sell you something, or exploit someone.  And guess what the number one commodity is?  It’s the woman … feminine energy.  Dababy is clearly using the feminine energy of the LGBTQ+ community to sell his agenda.  Even Lil’ Nas X uses feminine energy in his music to reflect how many men view and treat women (he clearly needs no examples).  It’s a fact that feminine energy sells exceptionally well on all levels.  It also remains a fact that the majority of women do not benefit from these exploits, nor are they all willing participants in these exploits.  They are constantly being raped, stalked, beaten, murdered, harassed, sabotaged, sexually exploited, victimized by sex trafficking, denied equal rights and equal pay, and so many other worldwide oppressions.  Today, we live in a society where brawn is no longer required due to the advancements in technology.  So when I say equal rights, I am not referring to the physical aspect of equality.  I am referring to Human equality.  I could write forever on this topic.  Hopefully, it will spark more discourse on the matter.  One fact about the Ancient Egyptians is that they understood the material plane for what it is.  Mortals are the masculine and the feminine energy manifest as male and female on the “physical” plane (still having both masculine and feminine energy in each gender).  On the Spiritual plane, it is not male or female, but Soul. Hence the Bible quotes, “There will be no marriages in heaven.” This is because when you are “Whole” you become “one” with Universal Energy. So when I hear people say, “I’m looking for my other half,” I’m thinking to myself, no one should ever want someone to bring half of their potential self to the table to make them “happy.” Happiness is all an “inside” job. So seek “wholeness.” Perhaps you have your perspective on this too, which is okay.  The point is ALL Souls are energy.  Our physical bodies become part of the soil on earth after the Soul transitions (leave the body after physical death). From a cosmic perspective, what people are witnessing today is the release of feminine energy, manifesting in all kinds of manner due to the oppression, and suppression (within the male of the feminine energy), of women (the feminine energy) for far too long. In fact, since the invasion of KMT (Ancient Egypt), for example, circa predynastic times, a matriarch society existed wherein Black women were in rule making decisions, like which man would sit on the throne as King. They organized wars in an attempt to protect KMT, and even fault in some of these wars. In KMT, matriarchy preempted patriarchy. Read some books on Ancient KM and it can help broaden your view on duality of masculine and feminine energy. In view of this, it’s not shocking to see many Black women today still managing both work and household, just holding down everything on their own. It’s not to negate the Black men. It’s just to say that independence is nothing new to a woman’s existence. Of course, we all know that Some Black men are intimidated by empowered Black women. For example, some rappers in Hip Hop have stated that “Oprah Winfrey” is in-the-closet. Why do they believe this? Is it because she’s “successful” and independent? Nevertheless, as a result of this negative take on a Black woman’s progression, some Black men’s insecurities can quickly seep into his relationship with her and cause physical, emotional, financial and psychological abuse. A man, or woman, who knows their self-worth would never allow this to happen.


It appears that some Black Homophobic Men (BMH) tend to believe that all gay men are the same, just as racists believe that all black men are the same. Some BHM believe the Bible justifies their hate against gays just as Racists believe the Bible supports slavery and discrimination against black men (women too, but we are focused on the men today, people).  The Bible was written over five thousands years after the discoveries of all kinds of knowledge in KMT.  As history moved on, there was massive interpolation within the Bible.  The ruling classes, at different points in history, modified, deleted and even created more stories to add to the collection of selected Ancient writings within the Bible.  As a result, for all we know, the Bible could have been initially been referring to not sleeping with animals, like dogs, goats, monkeys, horses etc.,  Not to mention that it’s rape, as I never heard a goat say, “You wanna’ go on a hot date, handsome?”  In fact, in Detroit, within the past few years, a Judge sent a guy to jail for raping his neighbor’s Bull Terrier.  The neighbor saw it on her home security camera while reviewing it.  The Judge saw the video, and was livid.  Don’t believe me?  Google it.  The Ancient Egyptians don’t have writings that exist about homosexuality, let alone, homophobia.  In fact, many of the Ancient Egyptian Gods of KMT have an androgynous appearance.  Now, if writings suddenly begins popping up on this matter, I would suspect it as being fake.  I’ve read many books on Ancient History—lots of them; good scholarly books.  I don’t solely rely on what someone says in YouTube videos either.  It’s important to have a base understanding of things to help you know what information to filter out, and what information to keep.  There are so many people who have covered up and falsified facts about KMT that the understanding of it is fragmented.  For example, the ongoing lightening of the skin of some of the Black women drawn on KMT’s temple walls in to make it appear that many in the ruling class had very light skin, or were white, when KMT had not yet been invaded by foreigners.  This erasing of Ancient history in KMT has been written about by Egyptologists, like Robert Bauval. He stated that it’s being done to boost tourism as it brings in a lot of money. He essentially stated that in modern day Egypt’s government, they’ve rationalized that when tourists (mostly non-Black) see more Ancient drawings and statues with features like them, they are more likely to visit. This is just one of the reasons because the breaking off of large Black noses have been going on since foreign invasion of Ancient KMT. Another parallel between BHM and racists it that some them loath the success of the LGBTQ+ people, and try to break them down mentally because of it.  Racists loath the success of Black men and break many of them down mentally. Some Racists profile and murder Black men. Some BHM profile and murder LGBTQ+ people. No? Here are just a few examples of gays murdered by some BHM in Detroit, where hate crimes are on the rise, and I’m speaking from experience:

Life without Parole for Detroit Man Who Killed 2 Gay Men and a Transgender Woman”

Two men in Detroit were shot for being gay, prosecutors say”

“Michigan transgender woman claims jail staffers forced her into cell with rape convict who raped her within hours”

The last link is tragic because there were male correctional officers (probably BHM) present that could have intervened but did not because of their basis against her being transgendered.  They probably said something like, “She think she’s a ‘Real Man’ anyway.  Let’s show her that she’s not by forcing her to bunk with a rapist.” After pleading not to be placed in his cell. She was raped within two hours by this “Real Man.” There have been times when I’ve notified the law of hate crimes, and it the response has always been slow to none.  I think females with a more masculine, or “Stud,” appearance are targeted more often because they remind many BHM of “gay” men.  I know some beautiful feminine women who are lesbians, and they mix in with the crowd like air.  You never know what a woman’s sexuality is until you try to date her and she politely sets you straight. Some men’s insecurities typically shine through immediately in these situations, as their ego can’t handle rejection. Some men believe that “good manly sex” resolves all, when, in fact, that may have been what placed some of these women in that space to begin with. Right? I’m referring to rape. Another common response is verbal or physical aggression, which turn the women off even more because at that juncture, he has exposed that he lacks self-worth.  Then you have the men who would love to sleep with two women, given the opportunity.  She’s okay if she’s satisfying him, too.  She’s just a “Dyke” if she’s not interested, which also leads me to conclude some BMH are jealousy of masculine appearing lesbians, especially if they’re known to date attractive women.  One of the reasons there has been such an explosion in sex change operations for a percentage of women is that a percentage of them believe it’s less threatening for themselves and their partners if she were able to blend in with the men (physically) unnoticed, she, or she and her partner, are less likely to encounter hostility and aggression from some men.  People are constantly mistaking me for a male because I don’t wear sexually expressive clothing.  Even if I wear skinny jeans, because I’m tall and slim, I look like a dude from certain angles.  I don’t even bother correcting people anymore when they mistake me for a male, in passing.  In most cases, I know they meant no harm, as we are conditioned to assign gender based on clothing, hair style and  body shape, mannerisms, etc.  Sometimes, when I see men who have breasts, like women, due to excess estrogen, I may mistake them to be transgendered, however, I don’t question them because it’s really not my business to even care. 

Until some Black folk understand that you have to be the change you want to see in order to fully manifest “Equality” and “Human Rights,” you will forever remain your worst enemy (with the racist’s hate against you being your own shadow towards others). In spite of the whole “Homophobia” controversy, Black men continue to murder other Black men and women at a rate higher than any other ethnicity in the United States.  Just watch the news, i.e. if you can stomach it.

Celebrities and Events who have spoke out against Dababy (via words, the removal of his music, cancelling his performance etc.) are: Elton John, Madonna, Beyonce, Kanye West, Dua Lipa, Questlove, Demi Lovato, Lil Nas X, Lallapalooza, iHeart Music Festival, The Governers Ball Music Festival, Leeds Festival UK, Reading Festival UK, Las Vegas Festival Grounds, Austin City Limits Music Festival, and probably others I am not aware of. Nevertheless, Thank you.

The Oscars: Race Quota vs A Damn Good Film! Also, Images from FELONI’s College Short Film, “In Love with Happiness” and on Working for Oscar Award Winner, Faye Dunaway

I definitely understand the need for diversity when it comes to the recognition of talent in any profession. What I did not get was the internet clip I saw of Tyler Perry stating Jennifer Lopez was robbed at the 2020 Oscar Awards and that she should have been nominated for her debut film production, Hustlers. When Tyler said Jennifer was robbed, I thought to myself, “Well, it must be a damn good film!” After watching Hustlers, I emphatically knew that Tyler and I have unique sensibilities when it comes to what constitutes an Oscar-worthy film. However, it was an entertaining film for the subject matter. Personally, my vote would have gone to the Joker partly because I like character-study films and it was well produced (I’m being laconic here, as there is much detail in this film I could speak on). In short, what qualifies as Oscar-worthy to one person may qualify as a good entertaining film to the next person. It’s all relative to the average film goer, but for Recording Academy members, it’s standard to look at other elements within a film for good measure. Now, whether or not every single member does this without bias … who knows?

Even if Hustlers was being considered for a 2020 Oscar, you have to wonder if Samantha Barbash’s (the real stripper whose life the film is based on) threat to file a $40 million lawsuit against STX Entertainment (the studio behind the film) for defamation and the use of her biography, likeness and other claims of negligence would have negatively impacted the vote. Allegedly, Samantha claims she was approached by a producer of Hustlers who was seeking the rights to her life’s story. However, because they low-balled her, she refused to sign the waiver and the film was made anyway. I suggest you research the rest of this information, as the legal issues are not yet resolved. To date Hustlers has grossed approximately $160 million worldwide. The budget to make the film was estimated at approximately $20 million.

Should Hollywood Actors and Recording Artists of Color Pool their Earned Millions to Create an Annual Film and Music Award Show Similar to the Oscars and Grammys?

I believe Viola Davis and Jordan Peel won Oscars based on the quality of their work, not the color of their skin. It would be a farce to expect the Academy to give someone an Oscar simply to meet a “race quota.” You cannot change the people who do not see your work as Oscar-worthy. That’s life, as Frank would say. Viola Davis is one of the best actors (I don’t use the term “actress”) of the 20th century, I think. I have seen every film she has acted in. You could put her in a movie about squirrels and acorns, and her acting would take it to another level making it a damn good film. Yes. I am aware of complaints that she is often paired with white men who abuse her or use her sexually. However, it is she, alone, who chooses to accept those roles. Perhaps she is detached from the film industry enough to allow her to follow a dream of saving enough resources to began producing her own films. Or maybe she just does not give a damn, as long as she gets work. Who knows? Then there’s Mahershala Ali. He won two Oscars within two years (2016 and 2018) for Moonlight and Greenbook. In fact, “Moonlight” echoes a theory I have about some males who are overly aggressive (or in street terms) act “hard.” Here’s my theory: I believe some aggressive males are more likely to have latent homosexual tendencies, or are more likely to be in the closet than some non-aggressive males. For those of you unaware of the “Greenbook,” it is an actual physical book that provided black folks with advice on safe places to eat and sleep when traveling during the Jim Crow-era.

Image of the Ancient Egyptian God, Ptah

Here’s an idea, instead of colored actors and industry recording artists constantly complaining about poor representation at the Oscar and Grammy Awards, I think they should pool some of the millions they earn and use it to create their own annual, star-studded film and music awards. In fact, I suggest they call their new film awards “The Annual Ptah Film Awards.” I say Ptah because the Oscar statue strongly resembles the statue of the ancient black Egyptian God, Ptah.

Obviously, I’m not as cynical about the film industry as I am about the music industry …

Obviously, I’m not as cynical about the film industry as I am about the music industry, although no organization is perfect. During the mid 1990s, I studied Film Theory, Screenwriting and TV/Film Production while attending WSU in Detroit. It was during this time that I discovered, and was influenced by, the film styles of Ingmar Bergman, specifically the film Persona. I was also influenced by Jean-Luc Godard, Orson Welles, Fellini, David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick and other filmmakers that are considered avant-garde or unconventional. I also learned about the first black filmmaker, Oscar Micheaux (1884 – 1951). Micheaux released 44 films through the Lincoln Motion Picture Company which was the first movie company owned and controlled by black filmmakers.

I recall reading the book, “Toms, Coons, Mulattoes, Mammies and Bucks” by Donald Bogle who chronicles the image and roles often given to black actors in Hollywood films. That book led me to the discovery of the 1959 film, Imitation of Life (the original version was released in 1934), directed by Douglas Sirk. The film tells the story of two widowed women in the 1950s: one black (the live-in nanny, played by Jaunita Moore), and one white (an aspiring actor who becomes famous and wealthy, played by Lana Turner), both of whom struggle with raising their daughters (played by Sandra Dee and Susan Kohner). Although there are growing pains for both women, part of what makes this film poignant is the story line of the black woman whose daughter is bi-racial. While she could pass for white, she is ashamed of her “blackness” and economic status (she does gain access to wealth by association, but not “white privilege”). She constantly hurts her mother by keeping distance between them so that she can live her life as a “white” woman. In one scene, she even goes as far as allowing her friends to assume her mother is her nanny after she unexpectedly shows up at a night club (where she is working as a showgirl) in an attempt to convince her to return home. In short, when the black woman dies, her bi-racial daughter experiences exuberant feelings of guilt for how she treated her mother. Honestly, it’s the only film that I have ever spilled a few tears after watching.

Even today, you can see remnants of Imitation of Life’s psychological malady revealed in the current trend of the black male’s (not all of them) rejection of the black woman in favor of white women, or in favor of women who have a similar phenotype as white women. You can also see remnants of this psychological malady exemplified in many black women who work in Hollywood, i.e. with all the skin-lightening and nasal cosmetic surgery in an attempt to mimic (or get work) the “conventional” standards of beauty commonly used in Hollywood. It’s all a sign of lacking self-love, I think.

Feloni’s Experimental Short Film: “In Love with Happiness”

Lyca expressing to Ben that she thinks she’s “gay.”
“In Love with Happiness”
© Trak Diamond Records LLC

In order to pass my Screenwriting class, I was required to write a film script or a documentary script. So I wrote, produced, directed, filmed and acted in an experimental short film called, “In Love with Happiness.” The short is a stylized juxtaposition of two characters who are delusional about their identity in certain areas of life. One story focuses on an angry artist (played by Keith) whose grandiose style of creating art often causes him to misuse his friends in non-empowering art projects. The muse is played by my friend, Talese Harris, who is acquainted with the Oscar Awarding-winning filmmaker, Spike Lee, who gave her a terse speaking role in his film, “Jungle Fever.” Luckily for me, she was courageous enough to act in my first film project. The second story zooms in on an aspiring actor named Lyca (played by myself) who, after an unplanned sexual encounter with a good friend, is catapulted into a sexual identity crisis. Lyca then turns to an unsympathetic friend (played by Ben Hernandez) to help her sort through the dilemma by taking long walks in downtown Detroit and jumping on trampolines (my friend actually had a large trampoline in his backyard). Ben’s advice to Lyca is not to worry about her sexual encounter with another woman because it’s just a passing “phase.” He encouraged her to enjoy life and forget it ever happened. Lyca was not so sure. Ben is an Animationist who enjoys producing art anonymously. He believes everything is fluid, or should be.

Lyca and Ben on Woodward Ave, downtown Detroit as they attempt to “walk off” her sexual identity concern.
“In Love with Happiness”
© Trak Diamond Records LLC
Lyca and Ben jumping on a trampoline in his backyard.
“In Love with Happiness”
© Trak Diamond Records LLC

After I explained to the actors the message and emotions I was looking for in each scene, I would direct them to improvise some of their lines to achieve those goals … and it worked. For example, in the story about the angry artist and his muse, I never allowed the muse to see what the the artist was creating. I directed her to sit long periods of time holding a red square frame around her face. I could sense her frustration building with this process which is want I wanted so that she could use that energy for the film’s climax. I directed her to react naturally to the art created by the angry artist and express whatever she actually thought of it upon seeing it for the first time. I made sure it was the most ridiculous piece of art that she had ever seen in her life.

The Angry-artist with his muse as he creates.
“In Love with Happiness”
© Trak Diamond Records LLC
“In Love with Happiness”
© Trak Diamond Records LLC
The Angry artist brazenly reminding his muse to keep the frame straight.
“In Love with Happiness”
© Trak Diamond Records LLC
“In Love with Happiness”
© Trak Diamond Records LLC

“I can’t believe I’ve been sitting over there all this time, holding that damn frame, and you’ve been drawing this bullsh-t!”

I filmed the story of the angry artist and his muse inside my campus apartment which was on the first floor of an old historical house that looked like it was taken directly out of an Edward Hopper painting. It had a natural fireplace, tall, solid wood french doors and beautiful wooden floors that creaked as you walked across them. In the final scene, you could actually hear the floor creaking as I filmed the muse walk slowly around the angry artist’s easel to finally see what he had been creating for so long. Upon seeing his art, the look on the muse’s face was priceless. Her improvised lines were, “I can’t believe I’ve been sitting over there all this time, holding that damn frame, and you’ve been drawing this bullsh-t!” The angry artist had worked on his creation for so long that it created tension between them which forced a fissure for repressed issues, within both artists, to seep through and take out on each other.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t support your art anymore … I don’t believe in creations that destroy.”

The muse disappointed with the “art.”
“In Love with Happiness”
© Trak Diamond Records LLC
Disenchanted, the muse tells the artist
“This is not art.”
“In Love with Happiness”
© Trak Diamond Records LLC

I loved the that scene because the actor truly appeared to be annoyed by the art, and perhaps even a tad cynical about my motives as the director. For a few minutes, the muse argued with the angry artist about his art, calling it “garbage,” and complained how he wasted her time. As she reprimands the art and artist, he sits self-assured, asserting he does not have to defend or explain his work to her because it’s his art. He ads that she is being “paid’ to sit there and model, not judge him. The muse continued repeating, “This is not art! This is not art! I think you’ve lost your mind.” Keep in mind that the drawing did not include a single feature of the muse’s face, body nor the red square frame (symbolism to represent a hostile environment, though on the “square.”) she held for many hours. Based on what he created, it appears that there really was never a need for her to be there at all, except (in her mind), to taunt her in the process of creating. In essence, she believed that he used his art as a weapon to control and belittle her. The muse’s last words to the artist before the film fades to black are, “I’m sorry, but I can’t support your art anymore. I just can’t. I don’t believe in creations that destroy.” And so the rhetorical question continues: What is art and who gets to decide it’s art? I won’t go into that because it all becomes relative when you try to debate what has the power to move an individual. Nevertheless, I appreciate my friends for not judging me by participating in my project. I enjoyed making the film, and my professor gave me an “A” in the class.

Note: Unfortunately, the quality of the images I’ve posted from “In Love with Happiness” are of low resolution due to transferring the film to VHS and allowing it to sit for two decades. The original source and footage was damaged and some tapes lost. However, I do have some footage of the short remaining that I may release for viewing online in the future.

Working for Oscar Award winner, Faye Dunaway, in her film “Master Class” was the first gig in film I landed after taking an acting class at WSU.

Working for Oscar award winner, Faye Dunaway (who plays Bonnie in the classic gangster film, “Bonnie And Clyde” directed by Arthur Penn) in her film Master Class was the first gig in film I landed as an extra after taking an acting class at WSU. I worked in the scene filmed in downtown Detroit at Grand Circus Park. The film has yet to be released or completed due to issues you can read more about, in her own words, here in the Independant. My favorite film of Dunaway’s is her role as Joan Crawford in Mommy Dearest directed by Frank Perry. A stellar performance is an understatement. She foot her soul in that roll. It’s one of those classic films you can watch over and over again, and it still grabs your full attention, as if watching it for the first time. She was nominated for an Oscar as Best Actress in this role but did not win; she should have won, I think.

Faye Dunaway’s Master Class was set in the 1970s. So I was dressed in tall, tan block-heeled boots and faded blue jeans. I was paired with another extra who was a white blonde woman. We were directed to walk across Grand Circus Park, having a conversation, as the main characters performed their parts. We stood out there for two hours working on one scene. In that time, I believe Dunaway had instructed the cinematographers to shoot that single scene at least four times. I recall the sun zeroing in on my forehead causing me to become hot, and my feet were beginning to hurt inside the hot boots I was wearing.

After each take, Dunaway would walk over to the character, say something to him, and get another take of the scene. For each take, the actor appeared to do everything the same way, unless he was messing up his lines, which I could not directly hear. I recall thinking to myself, “She’s really passionate about what ever the actor is doing wrong.” After one of the retakes, a cinematographer close to me began shaking his head as if he had become impatient and annoyed with Dunaway. A take later, he said something to me, like “Are those boots beginning to bother your feet?” I smiled, but did not respond. I kept my complaints to myself because I understood what it meant to be passionate about something you create and wanting it done your way, exactly as you envisioned it. Then, out of nowhere, Dunaway walks over to us for a little small talk and adds, “You’re doing fine. Try to walk a little faster,” as we needed to reach a certain point before the scene ended. Her words and voice were kind and reassuring. Initially, I thought perhaps she walked over to us because she saw the cinematographer say something to me and did not want me to follow any direction he may have given without her approval, but I’m not certain. In short, it was a great experience and a pleasure meeting and working for a living legend who does life her way.

Note: Some of my supporters have expressed that I do not share enough of myself with them. I hope they enjoyed the inclusion of some of my past experiences in this post.

Disclaimer: I suggest reading my posts again after a few days as I sometimes make edits to correct errors that I may have missed, or add additional information that I may have mistakenly left out.



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