Nick Cannon Calls Eminem a “KKK” for Past Negative Lyrics about “Black” Women: Is Nick Pushing a Double Standard in Hip Hop?

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Nick Cannon called Hip Hop recording artist, Eminem, a “KKK” for calling “black” women “b-tches” and “stupid” in a song he recorded earlier in his career. Logic tells us that either Nick is still in his feelings regarding his past beefs with Eminem involving Mariah Carey or is simply doing what “Industry-artists” do, and that’s exploit the media for press, sales etc. Come on. We know the game.

Let’s start here: So, if Eminem is a “KKK” for calling “black” women “b-tches” and “stupid,” what does that make black male rappers who have also called “black” women “b-tches,” “whores,” “stupid,” and so many other derogatory terms in the past, and in the present, and why has Nick not been just as passionate about addressing the issue, as a whole, in lieu of addressing just one white rapper who just happens to have had some type of past dealings with his ex-wife, Mariah?

Now, there is an exuberant amount of examples of famous black male Hip Hop recording artists who have in the past, and today, still refer to “black” women as “b-tches,” “hos,” “whores,” “sluts,” “stupid” and much worse. We all know this is a fact without having to name famous rappers. However, let’s just pull one famous rapper’s verse to shut it down without much thought:

“…What’s my favorite word? BEETCH! Why you gotta’ say it like Short! BEETCH! Blow the whitsle!”  -Too Short “Blow The Whistle”

Next, in addition to Nick’s blatant hypocrisy on this subject, to add salt to the wound, he goes on to add that Eminem is a KKK for supporting Donald Trump. Uh … OK. So what does that make Kanye West who also supports Donald Trump and is running around doing pop-up church sessions that many black folks flock to (and purchase merchandise on their way out)? Perhaps Nick’s response would be that Kanye West is just a Clayton Bigsby (a physically blind black male who does not know he’s black, and is a white supremacist), a character from “Dave Chapelle’s Show.” What a circus. Some “industry-artists” just tickle me.

In summary, is Nick Cannon, naively, pushing a double standard when it comes to male rappers disrespecting “black” women in Hip Hop? Is it OK that other famous black rappers (and rappers in general) continue to disrespect “black” women in Hip Hop far worse than what Eminem said in the past? Where’s the dis-rap to all the black male rappers who disrespect “black” women, Nick (in my Katt William’s voice)?  Is Nick Cannon ignorant to the misogyny and mass disrespect of “black” women in today’s Hip Hop by famous black male rappers (probably not), or is he blatantly pushing a double standard by ignoring it and not “passionately” addressing the issue as a whole?

I’m here to present truth. I don’t do defense blogs. Listen, everyone has a past and that past is created every millisecond. The only difference being that some people’s past is magnified because they are in the public eye. Before judging someone, take a damn good look in the mirror and ask the Most High within you (if you’ve reach that level of consciousness to find that energy) what can you do to improve yourself and your experience on this earth to make it a better place to learn and grow from.

At this juncture, my recommendation to Nick Cannon would be to address the disrespect of “black” women (and women in general) by all rappers instead of just focusing on what Eminem did earlier in his career, which was addressed by him a long time ago. In fact, I wonder where the young Eminem got his perception of “black” women. Was it from listening to black male rappers, especially considering Nick stated that Eminem wishes he were “black.” Wake up.


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